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Our upload function should give you the opportunity to present you with your photo. To ensure that we can do this, click it Bildsysteme GmbH reserves the right to check the images and statements before they are released and to delete inappropriate images and statements. The examination of the appropriateness of the images and/or statements is at the sole discretion of click it Bildsysteme GmbH. There is no claim to the publication of an image or statement. Each user is responsible for the content published by him/her.

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    • Uploading vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable images
    • Uploading photographs for which you do not own the copyrights
    • The call for violence, demonstrations or political rallies
    • The violation of the rights of third parties as well as the insult and degradation of persons
    • insults, sexist or racist statements and insinuations, as well as the publication of pornography, obscenities, racism and hate propaganda
    • Abuse of the comment function as advertising space (setting of advertising links, spam, commercial offering of services and goods)
    • Upload content that is not clearly related to the event
    • Promote election campaigns, including most content containing political demands or symbols
    • click it Bildsysteme GmbH reserves the right to make additions and changes to the content of the guidelines